Integrative Energy Healing

Integrative Energy Healing (IEH) brings awareness to the physical body by aligning and balancing the human energy field. IEH works to weave together philosophies from both Eastern and Western healing traditions.  Some of these include the Chakra system originating from India and Therapeutic touch developed in North America. IEH helps dissipate the effects of both physical and emotional stress and enhances general health, well-being and resistance to disease.

IEH is a gentle non-invasive approach to healing. The practitioner uses the placement of their hands to balance and clear energy moving through and around the body. If the client prefers, IEH can be equally beneficial without physical touch.

Through awareness dialogue the client is encouraged to be an active participant in his or her own healing process.

Each session begins with the client sharing what they are experiencing in their lives and guiding the process by setting a goal for the session. Based on this, the practitioner chooses a range of treatments which best address the client's needs.

IEH is beneficial in relieving both physical and emotional pain; it assists in relieving stress, anxiety, and trauma. IEH allows for a re-connection to self on a soul level and brings about deep awareness and understanding of the physical body. As well, IEH can work to strengthen the emotional and spiritual connection to Self.

View the Integrative Energy Healing Code of Ethics

Denise Woodley — Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner